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WorkshopPay User Guide

This is a guide on the features of WorkshopPay and how to use them. If you are needing to activate your WorkshopPay integration, please refer to this guide: [ workshoppay/][1] WorkshopPay allows you to request payment for an Account type invoice, th…

Activating WorkshopPay

**1.** Using the left-hand navigation bar in Workshop Software, click on '**Integrations**' > '**POS Integrations**' > '**WPAY**' ![][1] **2.** Click on the green '**Activate**' button ![][2] **3.** A pop up box will appear asking if you already have a merchant ID with WorkshopPay. If this is your first time integ…

Setting up your WorkshopPay Email and SMS default messages

_**Setting up your WorkshopPay Email and SMS default messages**_ 1. Go to Settings > Messages on the tabs on the left hand side of Workshop Software. ![][1] 2. Scroll down to the bottom section called 'Payment Messages' and type in what you would like the default messages to be: **Please note**: You will need to i…

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