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How to view vehicle history from the mobile app

This is a feature available for gold subscription users. 1. In the mobile app, open the job card and scroll down to where it states "**Vehicle History**" ![][1] 2. Click on the link that says "**View Vehicle invoice history**" ![][2] 3. You will now see an overview of all the past invoices that have been processe…

Platinum Multi-Branch - How to add a customer from another branch

The following is a guide on working with Customers in Workshop Software's Platinum Multi-branch system. This guide is specifically for anyone with Platinum Multi-Branch subscription. _**How to add a customer that has used another branch**_ **Please note:** At this time, this feature can only be used in the customer …

How to run a vehicle history report

The best way to outline the work previously done on a vehicle is to produce a Vehicle History Report. This guide will outline how this can be achieved within Workshop Software. 1. Find the vehicle you would like to produce this report for. ![][1] 2. Open the Action menu **'Star'** on the right-hand side of the vehi…

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