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How to set up prompts to help me update Rego/WOF + other due dates

In Workshop Software, you have the ability to set up a pop up box to remind you to check/update a customer's vehicles Rego/WOF due date, current odometer reading our equipment hours. _**To set up the prompt**_ 1. Click on '**Settings**' and then '**Company Settings**' ![][1] 2. Scroll down to '**Invoice Settings**…

How to change your country code in Workshop Software

Workshop Software is designed to work in any country in the world. Based upon the country settings that you choose, the system will behave differently. For example, if you choose USA as the Country Code, then all the US States will be available in the address details and phone numbers will be formatted according to U…

How to access and change your Workshop Software subscription details

This guide will help you to locate your subscription ID, update your credit card details for your subscription, upgrade you account and or cancel your subscription. **Please note:** you will need to have admin access in order to see/access this area of Workshop Software 1. To view and change your subscription inform…

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