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How to Use the Mechanic Clock On Function

This functionality is used to clock mechanics on and off of jobs through the software. 1. Click on Employees and then 'Mechanic Clock On' on the tabs on the left hand side of the screen. ![][1] 2. The Mechanic Clock On screen will appear. In the Job Card No. field type the job you would like to clock on to. ![][2]…

How to add mechanic hours to an invoice

Mechanic hours can be recorded on any invoice that has a labour or service item entered on it. This helps to be able to look at the profitability of the labour component of the job. 1. To have the ability to record the mechanics time the invoice needs a product entered on it where by the product type is **Labour**, w…

How to clock in and out on the mobile app

1. Make sure you have created a Mobile User by following this guide here: [ for-the-workshop-software-iphone-android-app/][1] 2. You also need to make sure this Mobile User has selected a mechanic and '**Show Mechanic Features**' is set to …

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