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How to have Workshop Software open on multiple browser tabs.

You can login to Workshop Software on multiple tabs on the one computer, this will then allow you have have different pages on display at the same time. For example you may wish to have the booking diary on one screen and be working on an invoice on another tab. 1. Open up Google Chrome and log into Workshop Software…

Platinum Multi-Branch - How to add a customer from another branch

The following is a guide on working with Customers in Workshop Software's Platinum Multi-branch system. This guide is specifically for anyone with Platinum Multi-Branch subscription. _**How to add a customer that has used another branch**_ **Please note:** At this time, this feature can only be used in the customer …

Multi-Branch Transferring Stock

**Please note: **_The following article will show you how to transfer stock from one branch to another. This feature is for **Platinum Customers with Multi-Branch enabled ONLY**_ 1. Click on **"Products - Stock Transfer"** ![][1] 2. Select the **From Company** ![][2] 3. Select the **To Company** ![][3] 4. Sel…

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