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Fixing Data Ready For Importing

_NOTE: Workshop Software recommends that you engage our services to carry out importing. While the import process may be something that you can do on your own, we often find that clients do not carry out the process correctly, or can sometimes end up investing more with us to fix the issues, and re-do the import. Work…

How Can I Export My Data?

**How to Export your Data** 1. Select 'Actions' from the Menu on the right side of the page, followed by 'Export'; ![][1] 2. Select what you would like to export from your Workshop Software and press the green button; **Export Customers **will provide you with the following information: Customer name, Company name…

Data Migration Guide

**How to Import Data into Workshop Software** When moving your data into WorkShop Software, it is important to recognise that **historical data is the “real” asset** in your Workshop business. **It is the history of all the interactions you have had with your clients**. As such, great care and thought should be taken…

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