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How to run the customer open deposits report

The Customer Open Deposits Report will give you a list of all deposits taken on invoices that are still open, once the invoice has been processed or finalised the deposit will then show as a Customer Payment. 1. Click on **'Reports'** from the menu options on the left hand side and then click on **'Business Reports'*…

How to Create an Overpayment or Deposit for a Customer

As a workaround for when you want deposits or overpayments to sync to their accounting software's we follow the following procedure. This is so that a payment will sync over to your accounting software and can therefore be reconciled with the funds. Please Note: The Dummy invoice cannot be amended as it is Processed…

How to apply a deposit to an existing customer invoice

A deposit can be added to an open invoice at any stage prior to it being finalised. 1. To add details of a deposit taken, click on the green **'+'** icon located below **Balance Due** and selecting **'Add Deposit'** from the drop down menu: ![][1] 2. Enter the details of the deposit: * Date received (the system …

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