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How to search for a customer

There are a couple of different ways that you can search for a customer in Workshop Software. **_Using the main search bar_** Type the name or phone number of the customer in the search bar at the top of Workshop Software. When the customer comes up you can click on it to open the **Customer Details** page to view t…

How to find our Help guides and resources

There are many questions that can be answered in the Workshop Software Help Guides & Resources To locate these, click the '**?**' icon located in the top right hand corner of Workshop Software. ![][1] A pop up box will appear, click on '**Help Guides & Resources**'. ![][2] You can then search our helps guides in …

How to search for a product

The powerful search capabilities of Workshop Software make it easy to search for information on a stock item/labour code whether it is to add it to an invoice or to make changes to the information. 1. When entering the details of a stock item/labour code there are three fields that are searchable throughout Workshop …

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