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How to create a Workshop Software bookmark

1. Go to: [][1] (AUS & NZ users), [][2] (for EU and UK users) and [][3] (for users from all other countries) 2. Press the star button to the left of the URL and then select "Add boo…

How do I change my Workshop Software login details

This guide will show you how to update the email a users to log into Workshop Software 1. Click on **'Settings'** from the list of menu options down the left hand side of the screen and then click on **'User Setup/Maint.'**; ![][1] 2. Double click to enter into the user you would like to edit: ![][2] 3.Simply typ…

How to add a mobile user for the Workshop Software iPhone & Android app

This guide will show you how to create a mobile user who can then use the Workshop Software Mobile App to clock in and out of jobs assigned to them & add photo’s to jobs. For Gold Subscription clients mechanics can also create/action Auto Inspections, add invoice/job card notes, view & edit customer details from the a…

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