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How to set up your mechanic's work schedule in Workshop Software

The purpose of this article is to show how to add work times to a Mechanic, and then adjust these when you need to. 1. Go To Mechanics. 2. Choose a Mechanic. 3. At the bottom of the screen you have an area called "**Schedule**". Here you set up the start and end times for the mechanic for each day: ![][1] 4. Nex…

How to schedule a mechanic for a day off

This guide will show you how to schedule one of your mechanics for a day off. 1. Select **'Settings'** from the left hand navigation menu, and then select **'Schedule'**; ![][1] 2. Choose the day(s) that need scheduling off, by clicking the **'Next Week'** button, in the top right-hand side of the page: ![][2] 3.…

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