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How to create an inspection group

To create an inspection group, go to _Inspections > Groups_. ![][1] Then press the '+' button in the top right ![][2] Give the group a code and description and then press save. ![][3] Now you can [create an inspection template][4]. [1]:…

How to create an Inspection

**Please note:** This functionality is only available for our Gold subscription level. If you would like to access this feature you can upgrade on your dashboard. To create an Inspection you will need to have created an Inspection Template. If you have not yet done so please have a look at this guide: [https://suppo…

How to Create an Inspection Template

This guide walks you through how to create an Inspection Template. You can then use these templates when creating an Inspection to bring up a list of items to be checked off instantly. **Please note: **Inspections is a feature of our Gold level subscription. If you would like to upgrade you can do so on your dashboar…

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