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How to manage your customers who pay you via Capricorn

**Please note** that this feature is only available to customers on our Gold and Platinum packages. 1. Activate your integration by going into Integrations - Automotive Integrations - Capricorn: ![][1] 2. Activate your Capricorn integration by pressing '**Activate CAPRICORN**': ![][2] 3. Enter your Capricorn supp…

How to set up Capricorn as a biller

This guide will show you how to create suppliers as billers (particularity Capricorn) and pay them off using the supplier payment system. 1. Search for Capricorn from the supplier screen and open their profile (click on the blue pencil icon). ![][1] 2. Once you have opened the profile, make sure they are set to **'…

How to make a Customer a Biller

This guide walks you through the process of making a Customer a Biller. This means that the Biller pays for all invoices for their 'Billed Customers'. 1. Create a customer using this guide: [How to Create a Customer and Add a Vehicle][1] 2. Look at the right hand side of your customer at the 3 toggles. Flick the th…

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