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How to integrate with Burson EzyParts 2.0 (Cloud based platform)

**If you currently already have Workshop Software integrated with Burson Ezyparts 1.0 (DOS based program)** 1. You will need to contact Burson and get them to set you up on EzyParts 2.0 2. You will receive your new Account Number and username 3. Click on this link: […

How to bring over logbook services from Burson to Workshop Software

1. To use the integration, click on the **Burson** icon once you have gone into a job: ![][1] 2. It will come up with the below window, click on '**Continue**' and it will direct you into your Burson system: ![][2] 3. Open up your Ezyparts desktop system and you will see down the bottom in red will say '**new requ…

How to integrate with Burson EzyParts

To integrate Burson EzyParts with Workshop Software, watch this video: Remember to email** [[email protected]][1] **and ask them to turn on your integration with Workshop Software. Please put **Workshop Software integration with EzyParts** in the subject line, and in the body text: * * * Hello Can you please…

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