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How to change a quote to a booking

When you have created a quote (see how to do this by _clicking here_ - hyperlink to "to create a quote" ), you can change the item into a booking. You do this by: 1) Clicking on the Action (star) icon 2) Selecting "Create Booking" ![][1] [1]:…

How to add footers to a job card, customer invoice and customer statement

Workshop Software allows you to add a footer to a job card, customer invoice and also customer statement. These footers are a great way to communicate with your customers and once created will appear at the bottom of every job card, customer invoice or customer statement. 1. Click on **'Settings'** from the list of m…

How to create a quote

A quote is created the same way as a customer invoice, the invoice type is changed from the default Invoice to Quote; 1. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right hand side of the page next to your company name and logo and select Customer Invoice from the drop down box. ![][1] 2. If the quote is for an existing custo…

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