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How to activate the video function for the mobile app
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Video function on the Mobile app is available for our Gold Subscription users only.


1. To enable the video feature for the mobile app, log into Workshop Software and from the left hand-navigation click on "Settings" then click on "Video Settings"


2. To activate the video function you will need to click on the green "Activate" button.


Please note: video function is an additional subscription to your Workshop Software subscription and is charged at AU$19.99+gst/month for the feature and there is a small charge to store and email the video. This charged is based on the duration of the videos (minutes) . When you first activate this function we will receive 100 FREE minutes to your account.



3.  After clicking on the "Activate" button you will see a pop up window asking if you are sure you want to proceed. Click on the green "yes" button to proceed.


4. You will see a green banner at the top of the screen to confirm the function has been activated and you will also see that 100 free minutes have been automatically been added to your account.


5. This screen will also be where you can purchase more minutes in the future by clicking on the "Buy Minutes" button.



6. You call opt-in for minutes to automatically top up by clicking on the "Auto Add Minutes" toggle.


7. Once you click on this toggle to "Yes" you can also enter in a email address to be notified when your video minutes are low and therefore auto top up will be imminent.




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