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Why is Workshop Software running slowly?
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If Workshop Software begins to run slowly, there are a number of tests that you can run to distinguish the cause of these speed issues and potentially find a resolution.


Checking Your Internet Connection

As Workshop Software is a cloud based software, it requires a stable internet connection to run. If this internet connection is slow or unstable, the software may run unusually slow.

To test your internet connection:


  • Wait for the test to finish and check the Download Mbps. This value should be above 5 Mbps. If this is less than 5, you will need to get in touch with your IT consultant or Internet Service Provider (ISP) to have this resolved.



Check your Computer

Another potential reason that your computer may be running slowly is that your computer does not have the requirements to run Workshop Software at a high speed. Check the link below to see the recommended specs and learn how to check your computer's specifications.

Clearing your browser's cached data/cookies

Google Chrome store data within your browser to help websites load faster. If this data becomes outdated or corrupted it can slow down websites or cause them to malfunction or not load. Check the link below to see how to clear this cached data:

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