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Features of Customer Portal
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Once logged in customers will be able to review the following information related to their vehicles


Review Outstanding Invoices

The top left widget will list any outstanding invoices that have yet to be paid.



Customers can click on the arrow located on the far right of each line to view that specific invoice. When they click on the arrow the PDF version of the invoice will open in a new tab for them.


To download the invoice, they can click on the down arrow located in the top right hand corner of the screen, or to print click on the printer icon located next to the down arrow.



View Service/Rego Due dates for all vehicles

The widget in the top right of the screen will show the next Service Due Date and Rego Due date for each vehicle on your Workshop Software database. 


If they have multiple cars, they can use the left and right arrows on either side of the vehicle details to scroll between the vehicles.



They can also request a booking for the vehicle on the screen, this utilises the Online Booking Diary, so when your customer click on the "Create Booking" link it will take them to your Online Booking Diary screen.


Please note: You will need to make sure this is set up correctly with your branding and type of appointments they can request. For more details on how to set up your Online Booking Diary CLICK HERE for our step by step guide.





View & accept quotes

The widget on the 2nd row on the far left will allow customers to see a summary of all quotes provided to them for the specific vehicle that is on the screen.


Once again if they click on the arrow icon on the right of each quote, they will be able to open up a PDF copy of the quote.

And to approve the quote they simply use the tick boxes to select which quote they want to approve.


Once they select the quote, the green "Accept" button will be highlighted and if they click on the button it will mark the quote as being accepted

Accepted quotes will appear on your dashboard under the "Recent Activity" widget




View current bookings & live status

The middle widget on the second row gives the customer a view of the current job that is with the workshop. The status column reflects what is used in the Job Status field on the job card in Workshop Software.




Add new vehicles

Customers will be able to add new vehicle details from the Customer Portal and this will update in your Workshop Software database.

To add a vehicle they click on the "+" icon on the left hand menu of the page


A pop up box will appear and they just fill in as much details as they can. 


View, download & print all past invoices

Customers will also be able to view all pass invoices on the bottom widget, they will be able to view, download and print which ever invoice they need from the portal



They can use these arrows (located in the top right hand corner of the widget) to navigate between pages to find other invoices:



Click on these arrow to view the invoices, from here they can download or print the invoices.


The "Service History Report" button will produce a PDF document in a new tab, which will show the full Vehicle history for ALL vehicles associated with this customer


Here is a sample of what the report will look like

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