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How to use Teamviewer on a mobile device
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1. Should you require assistance with the Workshop Software Mobile App we highly recommend downloading the Teamviewer QS app so that we can connect remote to see your mobile screen and help provide support.



2. Once the app has been downloaded, open up the app and call our support team to advise you have an issue with the mobile app and have Teamviewer QS ready


3. When the app opens it may take a few seconds to connect to the internet. On the bottom of the screen it will let you know when you are ready to connect and a green light will be displayed


4. Please ready out your ID number displayed on the screen to our support team member.



5. Once our support team member is connected to your device you will see a pop up message asking if you will allow us to connect to your phone. Please click "Allow".


6. Your screen will update to the following and you will need to click on "Start Broadcast"


7. On the next screen, click on "Start Broadcast" again


8. When you see this screen it will mean that our support team member should be able to see your mobile screen. Please confirm with our team member.


9. When your support call is over, do not forget to stop broadcasting. To stop click on the red timer located in the top left hand corner of the screen

10. A pop up box will appear, click on "Stop" to confirm you want to stop broadcasting.


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