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How to set up my customer's preferred method of contact
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This is an important field to keep up-to-date as the system uses this to determine how to contact your customer for their automatic service, rego and booking reminders.


1. To set the preferred method of contact for your customer, to go the customer profile. Click on 'Customer' from the left-hand navigation bar in Workshop Software.



2. Use the 'Filter' field located in the top right hand corner of the main screen to search for an existing customer.



3. Double click on the customer line you want to edit OR click on the 'blue pencil' icon.



4. The 'Preferred Method of Contact' field is located on the 7 row on the far right of the screen, use the dropdown box to choose which method of contact your customer prefers.



Please note: Ops Out means the customer will not receive any automatic messaging from the system, it works in the same way as when you 'unsubscribe' to a company's emails/newsletters. Document is if the customer preferred to receive a letter mailed to them.


5. Don't forget to scroll down and click on the green 'Save' button to save any changes you have made.




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