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How to activate your WorkshopPay account - STRIPE
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1. Click 'Integrations' then 'POS Integration' and finally 'WorkshopPay' from the left-hand navigation bar in Workshop Software


2. Click on the green 'Connect to 'WorkshopPay' button.



3. Follow the prompts on screen to set up your account.


This process is setting up your online merchant facilities and therefore will require information such as ABN, Business contact details, Names address and phone numbers of associated business owners/associates/directors and your bank details of where you want the funds to be deposited into. So please have these on hand on set up.



4. Once this has been completed you will be automatically redirected back to Workshop Software. Now you can set up what percentage you want charged on all invoices processed via WorkshopPay.


Surcharge Label you can enter in this field what you would like the surcharge to be labelled and displayed on your invoices. We do have a default name of 'Credit Card Surcharge' already pre-filled. But you can change the name at anytime.


WorkshopPay Surcharge Percentage (optional) you can enter in this field the % credit card surcharge you want to oncharge to your clients. This percentage will be of the total amount of the invoice and will be labelled separately on the invoice.


Once you have entered in these details, don't forget to click the green 'Save' button.



WorkshopPay's Merchant fees are as follows:


Country Pricing Note
Australia 2.24% + 30c/transaction  
New Zealand 3.39% + 30c/transaction  
UK 1.89% + 20p/transaction For European cards
Canada 3.39% + 30c/transaction  
Ireland 1.89% + €0.25/ transactions  










5. Next you'll need to set up your SMS and email templates, see this guide for step-by-step instructions.


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