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Platinum Multi-Branch - How to add a customer from another branch
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The following is a guide on working with Customers in Workshop Software's Platinum Multi-branch system. This guide is specifically for anyone with Platinum Multi-Branch subscription.


How to add a customer that has used another branch


Please note: At this time, this feature can only be used in the customer quick add on invoice and events/bookings.


1. Click on the '+' icon next to the main search bar in Workshop Software, and select 'Customer Invoice'



2. Click on the '+' to add a new customer.



3. Click on 'Search Branches'



4. A pop up box will appear and you can now search with any of the following details in the 'Search By' field :


  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Registration/Plate Number
  • VIN



5. Enter the value in the field provided and click on 'Apply'. This will search for that item in all branches and provide a list.


6. Select the customer or vehicle that you want to use


7. Click on 'Create & Add' to add the customer into your company system, and to add this also to the invoice or booking.


Please note: If you search by the mobile number or the email, only the customer will be added. HOWEVER, if you search by the Vehicle (VIN, Registration/Plate Number), it will bring BOTH the customer and the vehicle across to your branch.


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