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How to use the auto create stock order function
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The Auto Create Stock Order function is a useful feature for quickly creating Supplier Stock Orders for products with low quantities. To set up the Auto Create Stock Order Function:

1. Open the profile of the item that you would like to auto create stock orders for. Within this profile there are 3 fields important to this function;

  • Supplier - This will choose which supplier to auto create the order for.
  • Minimum - This value marks when the item needs to be ordered. When the Qty on Hand reaches this amount, this item will be included in the auto created stock order
  • Maximum - this will decide the amount that needs to be ordered. The stock order will automatically choose the correct amount to get the Qty on Hand to equal this value (e.g 14 items would be ordered in the following screenshot).


2. Once these fields have been entered, you will need to create a stock order by clicking '+-> Supplier Stock Order.



3. Choose the supplier that you would like to auto create the stock order for (or leave this blank if you would like to create it for all suppliers) then click the action menu (star on the right hand side) -> Auto Create.


4. Fill the necessary fields, selecting the type of product identifier you would like to search by and the values you would like to search by (if you would like all, copy the fields below) and confirm.



5. Process the stock order as normal.


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