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How to run a stock listing report
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The Stock Listing report will give you a list of all the products you currently have in stock.  The report can be run for all stock or you can select to run it for a particular product type; stock, labour, sublet repair, consumable, accessories or tyres.


The report shows the;

  • Item code
  • Product description
  • Brand
  • Product type
  • Qty on hand
  • Cost


1. To run the report, click on 'Reports' from the menu options on the left hand side and then click on 'Business Reports';



2. Click on the down arrow icon to the far right of the blue 'Stock Reports' menu to expand the menu;



3. Select the product type you want to report on or for all products select 'All', click on the 'green printer' icon to generate the report, it will open in a new tab and you can then print it;



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