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How to use the Workshop Software phone app
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Workshop Software provides a free phone app which every user should download and use. Users for the app are free.

You can very easily take photos and attach them to a job. This is great for customer service, training, or just good record keeping.

You can also clock on/off jobs to record mechanic times. This is a very simple process of selecting the job, and clicking a button to start and a button to end. It's the easiest way for you to track your mechanic times.


Download the app


The location for the iPhone app is: (or search for Workshop Software in the App Store)


The location for the android app on Google Play is: (or search for Workshop Software in Google Play)


User Set-up


Please note: You must add a free Mobile User to access the phone app. You CANNOT use your "normal" Workshop Software login details.  Here is a guide on the simple process to set-up the user:


Please watch the video below for a quick demonstration on how the App works.



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