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How to add mechanic hours to an invoice
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Mechanic hours can be recorded on any invoice that has a labour or service item entered on it. This helps to be able to look at the profitability of the labour component of the job.


1. To have the ability to record the mechanics time the invoice needs a product entered on it where by the product type is Labour, when entering a labour item in the product section of Workshop Software make sure to select the Type as 'Labour'



2. To enter the times a mechanic has worked on a particular vehicle click on the green 'Star' icon at the end of the labour line and select 'Enter Mechanic Times' from the dropdown menu




3. Click on the green 'magnifying class' icon to bring up a list of all mechanic you have as employees in Workshop Software, select the correct mechanic and then click the green 'Select' button.



4. To enter the begin time, click on the green 'Clock' icon to the left of the Begin Time field and then click on the hour of the start time


5. Then click on the minutes to enter the full begin time



6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 to enter the End Time



7. If the same mechanic returns to do further work OR a second mechanic also worked on the vehicle and either the same time or at a different time, click on the green '+' icon to enter another line for additional time worked on the vehicle.




8. Once all of the mechanic times have been entered, click the green save button.



9. The hours will be tallied and will show in the top right of the screen. To go back to the invoice, click on the word 'Invoice' located on the top left hand corner of the page



10. The total of hours will now appear in the hours column, this information does not print on the customer invoice. The quantity of the labour charged will need to be manually updated


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