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How to Create an Overpayment or Deposit for a Customer
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As a workaround for when you want deposits or overpayments to sync to their accounting software's we follow the following procedure. This is so that a payment will sync over to your accounting software and can therefore be reconciled with the funds.


Please Note: 

The Dummy invoice cannot be amended as it is Processed……so Voiding is the only option.  The reason for this is due to an accounting issue. To properly account for these entries, please contact your bookkeeper/accountant for further instructions.


1. Create a dummy invoice for the deposit amount. You can just use a miscellaneous product. Please make sure this is of ACCOUNT TYPE:



Here is a guide on creating an invoice:

2. Create a payment on this dummy invoice. This is what will sync to your accounting software.


Here is a guide on creating a payment:

3. Create an account type credit to sit on the customers account, that they can apply to the job once it has been processed.


Here is how to create a credit:


To make sure it is an account type credit you must switch this toggle to 'Account'.


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