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How to set up automatic reminders
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Workshop Software gives you the ability to automatically send Rego, Service or WOF reminders by either email or SMS (based on the customer's preferred method of contact).


Please bear in mind our recommendations below are "best practice" and not a hard and fast rule. They are simply what we have found works best for workshops like yours.


  • Click on "Settings" from the menu options down the left hand side and the select "Reminders"



  • Click on the button underneath "Automatically Send Reminders" to turn reminders on.





  • Enter the number of days before the renewal date that you want the reminder to be sent. Please note that the date is set in the vehicle details section - Rego Due Date for rego reminders, WOF Due Date for WOF reminders and Next Service for service reminders.


Note: The next service date will automatically populate when you use a Labour Item which is toggled as a "Service". The system will use the "Last Service" date and the "Service Interval" to automatically calculate the next service date.



Note: We recommend 14 days prior to the required date, as this allows your customers time to contact you to arrange their schedules accordingly




  • Turn on the message you would like to send; Service, Registration or in New Zealand WOF




For all service reminders, make sure you have the next service date set for the vehicles.

Here is a guide on how to do so:


  • Enter the message you wish to send, following the instructions below so that the system can automatically insert the customer's rego and next service date into your message.


Note: The message for a Service Reminder is setup in the [Company Lists] section, and then inserted into the [Service Reminder] page using the {Inset Template} button in the bottom right hand corner of the field. You can insert both Email and SMS templates. This message utilises the customers "Full Name", "Registration number" of the vehicle, and "Next Service" date thru placeholders. In the case of Registration & WOF Renewal messages we recommend your copy the Service Reminder message and customise it accordingly, swapping out the %nextserv% placeholder for %renewday.



  • Having completed all your Reminder messages the last and most important task is to set up a Booking Reminder message. This can be set up as either an Email or an SMS, and notifies the customer that they have a scheduled booking with your workshop. The system uses the placeholders %custfullname% and %bookdate%. Again, these messages can be copied from the Service Reminder and customised.


Note: In the Booking Reminder message we recommend that the days before the booking be set as "2 days" and, that you always employ the word "reschedule", as a means of prompting re-engagement, as opposed to losing the booking completely.



If you are intending to send reminders by SMS you will need to purchase them first. If you are paying your subscription by Capricorn you will need to contact Workshop Software on 1300 729 658 or (09) 280 3334 for NZ users to register a credit card. For instructions on how to purchase SMS please refer to this guide:



is located in the Customer details settings:



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