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How to extend the date of a current job over a number of days
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The purpose of this article is to show you how to extend the date of a current job to further booking dates. This is very useful for situations where you have already started a job on a vehicle, but the booking needs to be extended to a future date.


1) Open up the first instance of the customer booking in the booking diary.


2) In the Booking section, click on the cog icon (green), next to the labour line.



3) The Event Times pop up window will appear

4) Click on 'Create'

5) Enter in the estimated hours required on the 2nd day, allocate this time to a mechanic, set date & time

6) Click on 'Create'


A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen to advise the new event time has been saved



If you go to your booking diary, you will see that on the 1st booking date there is now mention it is Split 1 of 2


And on the 2nd date it has been booked in for this has noted it is Split 2 or 2




To view all the dates that this booking has been scheduled for, click on the booking (either one of the above) and select the sprocket icon (green) again and the below Event Time summary will pop up.



Please note: This means you don't need to create a new invoice. You can just use the invoice that was created when the job was started. 
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